By Umar Anjum on September 27, 2010

6 Excellent (Free) Tools For Website Owners You Might Not Know About

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Bloggers around the world are continuously on the search for tools which help do their work more easily. These include writing and proofing tools, publishing platforms, blog management tools and much more. Today we have a lineup of six of the best tools which you, as a blogger might not know about and must know about in order to enhance your blogging experience. Here they are:

Write Maps

Write Maps is a free web app which allows its users to create, edit and share sitemaps online. With sitemaps, a blogger can easily plan the layout of their newest website according to its topic and for people who like to work in teams; the ability to collaborate and work on a project on a centrally stored sitemap through Write Maps is a great way to get the job done.


Hit Stat Counter


Monitoring website traffic is critical for any webmaster especially for a blogger since often it results in the amount of revenue generated. Hit Stat Counter is a great and free way to monitor your website traffic. It provides a highly flexible and configurable hit counter along with real-time detailed web stats. This includes the pages visited by website visitors, their navigational history, location and much more.


Hit Stat Counter is a must try for any conscious blogger today.


Domain names are one of the most critical factors in affecting the popularity and following of a blog. Blungr is a free service which lets you search for that perfect domain name to keep for your great idea. With Blungr, you can simply type in the keywords on the topic you want your weblog to be and it will ingeniously generate some great domain names for you. Not only this, you can also check for availability and purchase those domain names generated if you’re satisfied.


Social Scan


Sharing blog updates with your social network contacts is a great way to increase the traffic on your blog. Tweeting the latest blog updates is commonplace these days. Social Scan is a free web app which scans for you how much is your website link popular on social networks. It supports many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Digg etc. and works by simply the input of the URL of a blog link of yours.



A good weblog can never be without an online poll. Flisti lets you create free online polls for your blog without even the need for signing up! All you need to do is type the poll question with possible answers and then you can either share the poll on a social network like Twitter or post the poll on your blog by just a simple click.



Zemnata is a text enhancement tool which enriches the text by adding relevant images, smart links, keywords, and even text to make the blog article have a greater appeal. The great thing about Zemanta is that it works automatically and can be deployed in almost all content publishing platforms (WordPress etc.) via a simple plugin and does the job on its own from there on. Creating stories with more glamour, impact and smartness is now possible with Zemanta.

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wow wow wow the Social Scan link is awesome for me thank’s alot for share :)

great stuff here but a friend of mine recomended the zemanta product and it took over all the links on all my post :(
took a few days after uninstalling to reset all those links, very invasive and toublesome

will try some of them now.. thanks for sharing

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Wow Zemanta looks like an interesting way to spice up blog posts with graphics :)

Not sure about Zemanta and how it would distract my visitors but hitstat counter is a welcome find that i will use.

I never heard of these tools before, thanks Umar.

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