Stunning Photos That Are Not Manipulated

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  1. Matthew Heidenreich says:

    heart beat has to be my favorite

  2. Aaron says:

    PoiPoi appears to have been manipulated. There is no way for a person to hang in midair frozen while the light show is done for the long exposure. Am I mistaken?

  3. Bruce says:

    The title of this is kind of misleading, even though its stated that they are. Nothing really that special about these, a few long exposures and some color tweaks.

  4. Mathew Carpenter says:

    I’m loving the PoiPoi image.

  5. Erik says:

    @Aaron: Not necessarily. That photo can be accomplished by shooting with a very long exposure in a dark enough area, and manually setting off the flash at the end of the shot (beginning works too, I suppose). You end up with the motion blurs of the fire-things but with the single fixed image of whatever the flash bounced off of, in this case, the guy.

    Some of these do appear to be digitally altered as far as color and toning are concerned, though.

  6. Erik says:

    Correction: the figure in PoiPoi appears to be a girl.

    If you look closely, you can see the balls illuminated by the flash at the end of the trajectory of the reddish motion blurs.

  7. Cool Pictures says:

    Amazing set of pictures…heart beat is my favorite.

  8. Kuswanto says:

    All of the photos are manipulate, at least color corrections and adjustment.

    The title indeed is a bit misleading.

  9. Usha Nair says:

    Regarding the image of Poipoi
    Please read the last 2 sentences…

    Bogdan Pedovich
    From Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
    2 photos
    [External homepage] [RSS feed]
    Member since July 16, 2009
    About me
    For last 2 years I work as a professional photographer for magazines and newspapers in Serbia. I entered camera world through a graphic design so my views and understandings of photography are quite different from most people i know in my country. I use a lot of postprocesing, composites and other kind of manipulations in my work since i see it as a new move, ,a new stream in history of art, called digital photography, where everything is possible.

  10. Sunny says:

    ^Photos like these featured here and then being called not manipulated and STUNNING. I dont think so. Is there is a check done? Being a pro photographer and image retoucher I can create 10 similar images. SA is featuring new blog entries just for the sake of it and keeping the traffic going.

  11. Logo Design Gear says:

    Really stunning. Love these 🙂

  12. lv says:

    Love these

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