40 Brilliantly Creative Circular Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

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  1. Jaisa... I LOVE WEB DESIGN says:

    It’s Really Awesome. You have an A.W.E.some list. I just can’t stop drooling.

    I go to try these for my works.

    Muchas gracias!

  2. Jaisa... I LOVE WEB DESIGN says:

    Awesome Post…

    I have Bookmarked, future reference.
    Muchas gracias!

  3. Jeromy says:

    I have to disagree with Pepsi being a “brilliantly creative” logo. And, c’mon, where’s the Obama logo? =)

    Great post. I’m always finding inspiration on your blog. Keep up the awesomeness!

  4. BebopDesigner says:

    What a cool collection! Love Otis, Sapuflex and Tiger-Dragon

    Thanks for sharing

  5. honour chick says:

    very beautiful designs, thanks for compiling and sharing these.

  6. Ed says:


  7. Bruce says:

    everything’s a circle

  8. Cornuz design says:

    Circle is the Origin.. Atoms to planets, cells to iris.. Checks my personal identity: http://www.cornuz.com ! 😉

  9. Dumm says:

    nice logos. I like especially the volkswagen logo. thanks

  10. logo design chicago says:

    I like all the logos.Nice collection,thanks for sharing.

  11. Terrence says:

    great logo! within many stories! how is my logo: www.brideofthesea.com?

  12. tina says:

    wOoow awesome design very very inspiration

  13. parfums says:

    Wow! a fantastic collection of logos for everyone. I read in comments that there is one Obama logo too. Wonder how that would look like 🙂

  14. Dario says:

    The LG logo is one of the worst concepts that ever made it all the way. Motorola is not inspirational either.

  15. Sid says:

    wordress need a new design .. now .. God its so past .. 😛

  16. Salladsbar says:

    I have a round logo to 🙂

  17. Alb3rt1 says:

    I think wordpress need a new logo.
    This is my interpretation of WP logo for my blog about wordpress
    Hope you like it!

  18. Logo Design Rocks says:

    Really nice set! The circle of life.

  19. Logo Design Gear says:

    Nice collection of logo. Here is some of mine…. http://www.logodesigngear.com/ —— like it ?

  20. Criação de logotipos says:

    É incrível como é necessário a criação de novas identidades visuais para o fortalecimento das marcas , produtos e as empresas

  21. Alfonso says:

    Hi everyone I´m glad you post one of my logo designs ¨Wonderbali¨ in this amazing set of great looking logo designs I´m wondering if you may link this logo to my site at: htt://www.logospill.com

    And would also like to invite you to check other designs at:

    Thank you and keep up the great work fellas, have a good one.

  22. Charles Barachina says:

    I just wonder, among those logos, why on earth the detergent “tide” was included..LOl.. anyway, it’s really nice to read this compilation of brilliant circular logo design.thanks for this..

  23. Stickybeak says:

    Where can I download icon-logo? Something that artistic and unique. I just think what if I replace my Icon-logos for my apps. Just for a change.

  24. Elain says:

    Very lovely design, vwey beautiful logos. Thanks for your sharing, and i really like these logos and i’m interested in logo design!

  25. bim says:

    very nice! i agree that some of the logos were not as good as the others. but some standout than the others.

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