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  1. Keshav says:

    While using this service i suddenly found that it uses a php file to take screenshots and an http command to execute it.

    The command being :

    Well, with this point in mind, you can create a bookmark in firefox to use it as a keyword, for taking super quick screenshots!

    Just bookmark this piece of url by opening the bookmarks organizer:

    While saving it give it a name and also give it any keyword like ss. Save it.

    Now suppose you are on and you want to take a screenshot of it. Just point your mouse to the address bar. Add ss and a space infront of the url and hit enter. The url should look like this “ss”

    Keywords can be really useful sometimes.

  2. Jerome Slan says:

    Very nice tip Keshav.

    Some other options can be used by url like :
    &format=PNG or &format=JPEG(default)
    &cache=NO or &cache=YES(default) can be usefull to have a refreshed thumb at each call, but much more longer to load

    Next version will coming out tomorow (more stable and more options)

  3. New From Google Blogs says:

    New thumbizy version is coming out today !
    More stable, more options and stay very simple to use !
    Coming back at 6pm (gmt)

  4. Jerome Slan says:

    new version is out with new option to thumb full website’s page.

  5. kamas says:

    new version is out with new option to thumb full website’s page.

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  7. Arie says:

    Thumbizy is (or was) great, but it’s been down for several weeks now. Sent a few messages to the admin but haven’t heard anything back. 🙁

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  9. Patrica says:

    I am using it is easy to use and had no major issues. It is easy to deploy and it is free. I suggest give it a try.

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  11. Latest Cell Phone says:

    Excellent script provided I was looking this script as I am making a site where I need website thumb view

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