13 Simple And Elegant Free WordPress Themes


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  1. Revizyon says:

    Such a gr8 collection of themes i really enjoying it. ElegantBlue WordPress Theme is soo nice.

  2. Naeem says:

    Hello thees very good themes

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  5. unni says:

    Dont forget to checkout kasrod at http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/kasrod

  6. vivek says:

    really cool templates.. i used one and modified it little and it looks like.. http://coolman.x10.bz/

  7. Emin says:

    Really good template…

  8. Sakir Turkmen says:

    Very good templates.

  9. thetraffic says:

    I think you have a great collection of these themes and planing to use it on my own blogs.

  10. Jay says:

    great themes, downloaded one 🙂


  11. AJ says:

    Great list of themes…Have you seeing this one?


  12. Brochure Design Templates says:

    Have been struggling with WP as i am zero in programming.Hope this will help….thanks

  13. bosch servis says:

    thanks you very muchh

  14. bayan giyim says:

    kill microsoft 🙂

    bill = microsoft

  15. matbaa says:

    thanks you.

  16. dizi says:

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  17. klima says:

    Thank you.. harika temalar..

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  19. niyazi says:

    medyum fal

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  22. Krishna says:

    I think the Prima word press theme is the best!
    great themes!

  23. ecka says:

    Great Collections.. I’ll try one by one.. 🙂

  24. matbaa says:

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  25. Tom Jones says:

    WordPress themes are a definite must. The two column themes are best to use. They provide decent contrast and aren’t too fancy or distracting. Good stuff here.

  26. kompresör says:

    Thanks for all wp themes.

  27. Maxy@classic cars says:

    Greate information for WP themes

  28. ghandofserver says:

    Thank you for sharing admin


  29. halı saha says:

    halı saha yapımı

  30. otomatik kapı says:

    seksiyonel kapı

  31. kbb says:

    kulak burun boğaz hastanesi

  32. medyumnehir says:

    WordPress themes are a definite must

  33. neel says:

    nice list of minimal wordpress theme. they are unique…. thanks for sharing

  34. tech says:

    very nice list, thanks for sharing, all themes are very usefull, thanks

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