The 5 Best Free File Hosting Services To Store Your Files!

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  1. Johny says:

    I think is a decent filehosting site too..

  2. FTP Hosting Tech says:

    File hosting is essentially another name for FTP hosting (FTP means File Transfer Protocol). If you search under FTP Hosting you’ll see many more offerings and competitive listings for ftp hosting services, my favorite is:

  3. Paddy Kelly says:

    I use – pretty good service, fast enough system plus they give you a free account with 500mb space to start off with

  4. Nol says: is the best , make money for upload

  5. Max says: is one of the most reliable services. I’m using it for quite long. No monthly fee and 15 GB for free.

  6. Kenhaki says:

    I’m sorry but File Savr is not free, you just get a free 30 days trial, so it shouldn’t be on the list.

    Thanks for the info it was very helpful.

  7. Card Service says:

    A very smart and diplomatic answer. It’s really appreciable and general.
    Card Service

  8. Hov says:

    give a try to
    it’s really good free service.

  9. John says:

    Give a to
    It’s really easy free service.

    FREE 10GB and storage for ever.

  10. anand says:

    finally i found good hosting site,I like it

    web design

  11. Sujith says:

    I have never seen before this kind

    find your real design

  12. Divya says:

    Click to see something amazing

  13. Vandana says:

    Awesome..No other words to describe….guys please check the below link..

  14. Selphy says:

    A new free file hosting service,

    Store your digital properties online. Get personal FREE 20GB storage & files saved permanently.

    Unlimited bandwidth and download times, even not its member.

  15. John says:


    Permanently Save Free 20GB Storage,

    Downloading Earn,

    Unlimited Downloading Speed and Bandwith.

  16. McLife says:

    I use : good service, 100 to 10 000 Gb, unlimited transfert and users, access and privileges management, transfert à 10 MB / sec !

  17. lv says:

    good job

  18. Best Picture Hosting Service says:

    Host Pic.Org

    Host Pic.Org is a online picture hosting service with various options/features which other sites may not be providing. Site has been launched with the motive of providing best online picture hosting solution at no cost. There are two ways in which pictures can be hosted – One by registering with site and other without being registered. At times, people do use picture hosting without registration. Members who register can maintain their own picture album and can edit or delete pictures of their album. Site is generating all kinds of URLs for every picture uploaded. Eg. Direct URL, BB Code, Thumbnail Code etc.

    Host Pic.Org is growing at leaps & bounces and indexed PR1 by google in first month of its launch.

    However, we are very strict about terms of use. We do not allow uploading of adult content. This would include pictures containing nudity and sexual situations. We also do not allow pictures that depict illegal activities or subjects. Those who upload illegal files will be blocked (by IP address) from using our service. Legal authorities may be contacted if the subject of the file is found to be illegal.

    Also we are very clear on copy right issue. We retain no copyright to photos on this site. All uploaded files are copyright by their respective owners.

    We have following features which has made our site growing very fast and liked by people.

    – Multiple files upload upto maximum 14 pictures at a time with a single click
    – Upload from URL also possible and it is also multiple URLs at a time
    – No registration required to host images (though registration is highly recommended)
    – maximum file size upto 2 MB
    – Fast Uploading
    – Exhaustive picture URL list to work with html, forum, hotlinking etc.
    – very fast and simple 30 seconds registration, user name & email id -nothing else is required
    – Option to mark picture private to make it invisible in Gallery
    – Very easy to see all uploaded pictures in one window (when registered)
    – Easy bookmark button available on site
    – Pleasant layout and lot more.

  19. says: its a site where you can host file up to 100gb per file unlimited disk space and you can download rapidshare and megaupload ect files to their server and registered users can download files with only speed limits and resumable links and you van remote file transfer torrents there is never a limit and you can make up to 30 dollars usd per 1000 downloads

  20. Alojamento Web says:

    My favorite is FileFactory. I never used the other because i don’t need when i have FileFactory as the best for my needs!

  21. John Tourloukis says:

    There are a ton of companies that offer online backup. I would look for one that is in my area or region. Some provider can offer cloud servers in their data centers so you can restore if your server is gone.

  22. Natalie says:

    I really love file dropper logo..but i never try the service..anyone recommend is it good??

  23. Natalie says:

    In addition, there is one website probably not so well-known but I think so far the service is great coz not so busy traffic. I can upload my files easily here and organise them once I registered my account. I provided the link in case anyone would like to try doh.

    Beside, there are still many file hosting service that haven’t been mention here..hotfile also not too bad..hmm i think it’s depend on where the server been hosted as well..

  24. Popa Marian says:

    good job asigurari rca)

  25. sigara bırakma says:

    thanks admin, good pictures

  26. vajina estetiği says:

    good job, I liked it too much

  27. Orlando says:

    I use OpenDrive online storage for storing and backup all my files. I can access my files through website and desktop application which is syncing my files automatically. Hotlinking of each file is available instantly after upload.

  28. jojo says:

    In the end, all the websites eventually turn from a free file hosting to a paid one.. otherwise they’ll close due to bankruptcy. So be sure to change your file hosting once in a while

  29. asigurari auto ieftine says:

    I am the first time on this site and am really enthusiastic about and so many good articles.

  30. Rony Thames says:

    Nice option for starters, I might as well check them out if I have to change plans. But for now I’m completely satisfied with the Managed Hosting Canada service I get

  31. Ethiopia visa says:

    I really love file dropper logo..but i never try the service..anyone recommend is it good??

  32. Nisha Shah says:

    File Savr is best.

  33. LingonLife says:

    Icloud is the ideal solution for secure online file storage and backup. Storing, organizing and sharing your files on the internet has never been easier thanks to icloud.

    #Secure online storage with daily backup- Accessible from any computer or smartphone
    #Free Basic Account includes 3GB of storage and access to over 50 applications ex. Office, Mail, Music, etc.
    #Zero installation – runs within browsers
    #Available worldwide in 30 languages and used in over 170 countries

  34. zuckerman says: is a good file host too, they also let visitors earn money/cash by uploading the file. their payout is also $10. looks good and fast speed too.

    i’ve earned $18 through them and received my payment through the paypal


  35. Trua says:

    Great file upload and mirroring service with:
    – 2GB file size limit
    – Uploads file to over then 15 file hosts at one go
    – Have email notification
    – 100% Free and don’t require registration

    Check it out:

  36. MXMS says:

    Free Account Users:
    Hotfile Storage = Unlimited with 90 days file storgae or from last time downloaded. But with file duplication they last forever without reuploading.

    Rapidshare Storage = It says 10,000 files per account or 20TB, but you’ll never it if you share links to the world. RS links last no more than a week for things highly moderated. 30 days storage time DCMA doesn’t get to it first.

    Fileserve Storage = 500gb with 30 days storage from last download. With file duplication, lasts forever.

    Megaupload Storage = assume unlimited; it doesnt say but has 90 days storage from last download.

  37. Jewelry and Watches says:

    They are decent, but you somehow missed rapidshare. Really good, too.

  38. Fernseher says:

    @Trua: These are really great specs, I’ll test your service for sure. Thanks for the hint!

  39. maxipes says:

    really great file share hosting great upload 1.6 Mb/s wow cool

  40. brucelee says:
    started using it for over a month now. you can upload up to 2 gbs. i think you can download unlimited times too

  41. tim says:

    check out, free to use, no need for an account, simple, multiple uploads, no popups ad no waiting for downloads! give it a try

  42. tim says:

    check out free to use, no need for an account, simple, multiple uploads, no popups ad no waiting for downloads! give it a try

  43. Nashville Colocation says:

    FileDropper worked easy, neat and fast. Thanks again!Keep up the good woek 😉

  44. toni says:

    for the free user, Mediafire is the best. it has speed to download pretty fast. not like others that limit the speed.

  45. Matt Larsen says:

    Want file sharing with a difference? Create a network on and share files, news, images, streaming videos, events and other media for free. You can even manage a blog, forum or Q&A site through your network!

    Check it out –

    PS: Optionally set file passwords and access levels – it’s just like having your home computer on the internet!

  46. Rakesh Garg says:

    i use for sharing files.. i use it to mirror my files to other file hosts

  47. Chris says:

    I like The service is free, no ads, no registration required, a 2GB file limit with no splitting and fast uploads and downloads!

  48. Manoj Kumar says:

    This is nice info, but a site that is good to share files and also a community site is

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