19 Most Essential Open Source Applications That You Probably Want To Know


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    I was just reading over the comments… Is it me or do people either have a very short attention span or is it that they are just slow? The title of the article is 19 Most Essential Open Source Applications The You Probably Want To Know. If you are currently unaware of Mozilla Firefox, I would have to assume you have been living under a rock or have chosen to skill 3rd grade reading class.

    Anywho.. Nice list, 80% I’m actually unfamiliar with, and I’m glad you pointed them out. Nice work.

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    +1 for Open Office, And to add to the list a phone system that is multi-platform and scalable called FreeSWITCH throw in a multi-platform graphical interface called FusionPBX and you’ve got a system that is flexible and customizable for businesses and home use of all sizes.

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