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With so many blogs around in the blogosphere, it becomes really difficult to get the right taste of news you want to read daily. If you love reading about computers, technology and geek stuff, you will find a lot of blogs which claim to serve interesting content and provide the information you are looking for.

Let’s face it – not all blogs are fun to read because they focus on “what brings business” and not on what the reader actually wants to read. is a technology blog, but with a different genre – you will love reading the posts without getting bored.

What is all about is a blog that serves fresh technology news, funky new design stuff, in-depth editorial articles, and reviews. Not the kind of stuff that makes it to the newspapers, but just the kind of stuff that millions of people love to read every day. It started as a technology blog where you will now find everything – from gadgets to software reviews, from designing tips to Technology news, from Google to gaming and so on.


The interesting thing about Techi is that the writers are not corporate sell outs, they don’t write about the usual boring stuff to attract business and prospects. Rather they focus on building a community around their blog by making the content interesting. The posts are written in a very friendly tone and they don’t appear sarcastic any way.

The Interface of Techi

Techi has a very clean and clear interface; you won’t find junk stuff lying here and there in the design. The fonts are bigger, the colours make it easy to read and they have a very sober layout. If you are a regular reader of Techi, you are already aware of the site’s look and feel, if this is the first time you are going to visit Techi – you will see something like the following:


The home page of contains the latest posts published in reverse chronological order, the latest post being displayed at the top. You can use the paginated buttons to dig deeper and see the archive for posts written on an earlier date.


The Topics Covered mainly focuses on technology news and editorials, the main topics include the following:

  • Apple
  • Design
  • Facebook
  • Gadgets
  • Gaming
  • Google
  • Hardware
  • Lifestyle
  • Microsoft
  • Mobile
  • Robotics
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Twitter

I like the idea of lesser categories because the lesser the categories are, the more focussed is the content. You don’t see random posts coming out every now and then, they have a balanced posting frequency and you can expect the latest tech news arriving with the morning coffee in your hand. Here is how the category section looks:


The widget is actually very interesting, you click a topic icon and can see what are the latest posts on that topic. The widget slides the categories panel to the left and shows the latest posts from the selected category, without reloading the page. Neat!

Lesser categories don’t mean they leave the important ones – you will find gadget reviews, news about Apple, what’s happening on Facebook and so on. The site also includes mobile reviews so you can check the mobile reviews section before deciding to buy the latest handset.

You can also use the scrolling tag cloud to dig deeper into a particular topic. Tags help you to find content easily, and the tag cloud implemented in their site is absolutely brilliant. It works simple – you hover the mouse over an alphabet and the corresponding tags are shown,  pick a tag, click it and read the posts.


Besides the tags and categories, you can also read the editorial topics here or try some videos in the video section. They also offer a separate RSS feed for the video podcasts here,  hence it’s easy to see all the videos and screencasts at one place.

The Most Popular Posts at Techi

Techi has a “Popular posts” section included in the sidebar, which looks like the following


The section includes a list of posts that are currently popular among the site’s readers and visitors; you can click the link to read an article. Some of the currently popular articles which are worth a read include Unboxing the iPad 3G, Some Fascinating Twitter stats and Expo 2010 Shanghai report.

Besides the popular posts, if you want to have a sneak peek at the current trends and read some cool stuff, head over to the home page and have a look at the “Cool Tech“ Section. The “Cool Tech” Section looks like the following and includes productivity tips on geekery and lifehacking.


Audience Profile

Although the site has a global audience, the maximum visitors come from United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other European countries. This includes Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. The site is also a trusted source of news in Middle Eastern countries and Asian sub continent because visitors from India, China and Saudi Arabia like to read the published reviews and blog posts.

Here are the Alexa traffic details for


Subscription options

If you want to read the content of on a daily basis, I suggest you to subscribe to the site. Basic subscriptions options are available which includes – subscribing to the RSS feed so that you can read the blog posts in an RSS reader like Bloglines, Google reader , News gator. But if you prefer to read the articles in your email inbox, you can opt in for the email newsletter instead.

Connect with on Social Sites have an active social media presence and you can follow the site’s Facebook fan page. Make sure you also follow Techi on Twitter and Google buzz to get the latest updates as they happen.

Advertising Options

If you are an Advertiser and want to advertise about your product in, just send an email at The site is read by bloggers, geeks, tech enthusiasts and has a very targeted audience. has a couple of advertising spots available and you will always get a good return of your investment. participates in various affiliate marketing programs and especially Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to any of the linked sites from us.
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