Smart Defrag: A Free Windows Utility To Easily Defrag Your Hard Drive Partitions

Smart Defrag: A Free Windows Utility To Easily Defrag Your Hard Drive Partitions 1

Over the course of your computer usage, data accumulates and sometimes it is spread out over different parts of your hard disk. Consequently your computer has to search for different places on the disk to access data. This is called disk fragmentation and considerably slows down your computer’s overall performance.

On regular hard disks, regular disk defragmentation is highly advised. This process rearranges data and makes it easier for the computer to find what it is looking for. Windows Vista and 7 have built-in defragmentation features but for somebody new to the process, Smart Defrag is the best tool.

Smart Defrag is a tiny Windows compatible utility sized at only 1.8 MB. When you run the program, you can view all your hard drive partitions. Click on the partition you feel is responding slowly, and perform an analysis to see if any files require defragmentation.


Once you click on “Analyze” your partition is thoroughly tested and the number of files that need defragmentation are shown.


Click “Go” on this window to begin the defragmentation process which will rearrange data on the drive.

If you would like a shortcut for the abovementioned process, you can simply access the program’s “Auto Defrag” option which defrags your hard drive in the background, while your system is idle.


Auto Defrag will be the preferred choice for many people who used their computer almost the entire day.

Scheduled defragmentation can also be set up so that your drives are timely defragmented and you always experience optimum hard drive performance.


Having used a number of defragmentation tools, I found Smart Defrag to be a competent and speedy option to go with. Whether you are new to defragmentation or are familiar with it, Smart Defrag will excellently serve your needs.

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