Send And Receive Unlimited Free Messages From iPhone, iPod and iPad

Send And Receive Unlimited Free Messages From iPhone, iPod and iPad 1

Once we have an internet connection on our computer, we can use instant messaging clients to send and receive unlimited messages. With cellphones however, the case is different. Even after getting a service carrier, we have to pay to send SMS messages. MMS messages (picture messages) cost even more than text messages.

What if there was a way to send and receive unlimited text messages through our cellphone without spending a penny? Thanks to Textie, doing that is now entirely possible.

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Textie is an application for Apple’s devices i.e. in addition to working on iPhones, it works on iPods (Touch) and iPads as well. The OS requirement is 3.1.2 or later.


Textie works in a simple way. Two people who have Textie installed on their Apple devices can send unlimited text and picture messages to each other. The application uses the internet to deliver the messages. Even if our recipient does not have Textie installed and is a non-Apple phone, we can use Textie to send him/her our message because Textie can send free messages to many cellphone service providers in the US.

Of course when our non-Textie using contacts reply to our messages, their cellphone providers will charge them the standard messaging amount. We however will receive our messages directly within Textie.


Textie is a nifty application which will benefit all iDevice users. The free version of the application can be gotten here. The only difference between the free and paid ($1.99) version is that the paid one does not have any advertisments.

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Give Textie a try and remember to let me know what think about it.