Save Your Bookmarks With Historious And Always Get Access to Them

Save Your Bookmarks With Historious And Always Get Access to Them 1

Normally when you work with separate computers, there are not many ways you can share your bookmarks. Chrome has worked out a brilliant bookmark synchronization strategy that automatically keeps all your bookmarks updated but for this you need a Google account. Moreover many other browsers do not have such synchronization features. Having access to your bookmarks therefore, is quite a problem. And Historious is its solution.

Historious stores your bookmarks by indexing them, much like a search engine does. Usage of Historious is absolutely free. You start by creating an account on the site. After you sign in, you can drag the Historious bookmarklet on to your bookmarks toolbar; if you are a Chrome user, you can either use the bookmarklet or the Historious extension for Chrome.


Whenever you are on a website, all you do is click on the extension icon or bookmarklet to add the website to your Historious bookmarks. A message will pop up in the top right telling you that the page is being indexed.


A completion message is shown after the page has been indexed.


Another way to add bookmarks to your Historious account is by visiting (replace USERNAME with your Historious username) and either typing the URLs of all websites or upload a bookmarks file created by a web browser or services like Delicious.


When you visit you encounter a search-engine like view.


Either search for your bookmark by its name or click on the “Show all sites” link to view all the indexed bookmarks.


Since the bookmark list is stored you can access it from any computer with a web connection.

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