Recover Your Lost Android Phone With Where’s My Droid

Recover Your Lost Android Phone With Where's My Droid 1

If you are somebody who forgets things easily, then your phone might have been misplaced a number of times. You need to make sure that something like that does not happen again. Phone today are quite expensive and include a lot of your sensitive data. Losing your phone, either due to your forgetfulness or because of a thief, can be a very frustrating.

Once your phone is lost, there is very little you can do to recover it. In the case of a lost phone, Android smartphone owners, at least, do not face as tough a time as other phone owners do – this is all thanks to one application, “Where’s My Droid.”

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Where’s My Droid is a free Android application that helps users recover their lost phones. This app innovatively uses text messaging to achieve its purpose. You can assign a text word which, when sent to your phone, will play the phone’s ringtone. The duration this tone will be played for can be setup while assigning the text word. The ringtone will be played even if your phone is on silent or vibrate mode. This method will be a great help if your phone is somewhere nearby and all you need to find it is to hear it.

In case your phone is not nearby and you fear it has been stolen, you can use the GPS function of Where’s My Droid. For this, Android’s GPS should be on by default (due to Android’s latest update, apps can no longer activate GPS on user’s phones). You can assign another text word for this new method. You can use a cellphone to text this word to your phone and obtain its location. Your phone obtains its coordinates (longitude and latitude) through GPS; it then texts back with the coordinates along with the link of the Google Maps image to better help you find the phone.

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In these simple ways, Android phone owners are able to recover their lost / stolen cellphones. This app is a absolutely a must-have for all Android smartphone owners.