PureEdit, Making Content Management Purely Simple

PureEdit, Making Content Management Purely Simple 1


PureEdit is the first CMS that dramatically simplifies the back-end development of your website while giving you full control of the front-end design and programming. By allowing such uncommon flexibility, PureEdit empowers you to design web sites from the ground up, without forcing you to follow the narrow template rules you’ll find elsewhere.

PureEdit is licensed under the General Public License, and allows you to use it on any website. Public, private, or commercial.

PureEdit was built so you can match your clients’ color schemes as fast as possible using CSS. Want to dive deeper into the markup? No problem. All presentation (HTML/CSS) has been stored into template files away from the logic (PHP). PureEdit consists of web standard code, 1 image, and a few FAMFAM icons.

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