VEVOR Built-in Induction Cooktop, 35 inch 5 Burners, 220V Ceramic Glass Electric Stove Top with Knob Control


  • Separate Cooking Zones: Our induction cooktop is suitable for 220V, featuring 5 cooking zones with a total power of 7.4kW. The two 5.8” cooking zones have a max. 1.2kW power; the two 5.8” cooking zones have a max. 1.5kW power; the 6.9” cooking zone has a max. 2kW power. It’s convenient for you to use these heating areas separately and simultaneously. With its 34.6 x 19.7-inch cutout size, this cooktop adopts a built-in design, making installation convenient, and saving your space.
  • Modern Digital Knob Controls: Our built-in electric stovetop has 9 heating power levels. The knobs allow you to precisely switch from boil to simmer and reach temperatures between 140-464℉. The boost function is well-designed for rapid heating up to 518℉ within 3 minutes. In addition, the 1-99min timer is equipped, making cooking easy and enjoyable. Set the power and timer and let the cooktop do the rest. This knob control panel is ideal for achieving accurate cooking effects.
  • Premium Material: The surface of our induction cooktop is made of ceramic glass, ensuring that it is heat-proof and easy to clean. Besides, the carbon steel body with a ventilation system has excellent heat dissipation and is sturdy & durable for long-term usage. This cooktop is your best choice for experiencing a high-quality cooking experience.
  • Multiple Safeguard Functions: This electric stovetop contains various functions for enhanced security. The child security lock aims at avoiding accidental touching, while the overheat protection and auto shut-off function keep you from unexpected dangers. In addition, when high heat remains on the surface, the residual heat reminder will indicate an ”H” on the panel, averting hand scald during cleaning.
  • Works with Magnetic Cookware: Freely use any magnetic cookware with this electric induction cooktop, such as stainless steel pans, alloy pans, enameled pots, and iron pots. (We provide you with an extra magnet, convenient for you to test whether your cookwares are compatible with this cooktop.) The vertical heat conduction can effectively heat cookware while effectively minimizing heat loss.


5-Burner Electric Cooktop

Built-in Design & Ceramic Glass Surface & 9 Power Levels

Our induction cooktop adopts 5 burners with strong power, offering rapid and stable heating. It is equipped with knob controls with 9 heating levels, a boost function, and a timer. Meanwhile, there are several measures for security, including child lock, overheat protection, auto shut-off, and a residual heat indicator. This stovetop is going to be your best cooking companion. Turn up the heat, outshine the competition, and get ready to turn heads with VEVOR’s electric cooktop.

  • Separate Cooking Zones
  • Modern Digital Knob Controls
  • Premium Material
  • Multiple Safeguard Functions

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