Tiger PDU-A50U-K Electric Water Boiler and Warmer, Easy Operation, 5.0-Liter


Electric Water Heater

Brand Tiger Corporation
Capacity 5 Liters
Material Stainless Steel
Color Black
Voltage 110 Volts
Wattage 1500 watts


Water Boiler and Warmer

Tiger Water Boiler and Warmer has a large LCD control panel for easy operation. It has 4 different temperature set control, 2 Sleep timer settings (6 or 9 hour) for energy saving, and a re-boil function to quickly bring water back to boiling.

The pre-selected timer allows water to boil at the temperature desired at the perfect time when needed. The electric water heater also has a function of Auto Lock system so the water does not dispense automatically for safety purposes. Other feature includes an energy saving setting and a safety shut-off in the event of low water in the unit.

This 5. 0L unit has a removable lid with citric acid cleaning function for easy cleaning. The power cord can also be removed for safety and convenience. The unit is spill proof and leak proof.

Water Boiler and Warmer Digital panel of Water Boiler and Warmer Electric Water Heater


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