Locate Your Lost Android Phone With iTag

Locate Your Lost Android Phone With iTag 1

Today’s cellphones are mini-computers which perform a plethora of functions for us. Not only do they let us send/receive messages and calls, but also take pictures, shoot videos, and use countless applications. These smartphone are the machines of today and make life convenient for us.

With all these features usually comes a hefty price tag, normally well worth the device. But if we lose our expensive cellphone, the price we pay for it is completely gone to waste. More than a loss of money, losing our phone means losing our contacts, pictures, videos, and all sorts of important data we have stored in it. There are few tools that can help us in the situation of a lost phone.

One such tool is iTag.


iTag is a free website that gives users ways to locate their lost phone. We start by entering the phone number of our lost phone in the provided field at iTag’s homepage.


Then we proceed to create our iTag account with the phone number we entered.

When we lose our phone we can log in to iTag with our unique password and view the geographical location of our phone. If our phone has been stolen and the thief has put another SIM card in the phone, the new number can be found on the web site to give to the police. You are also given the option to remove all information on the phone if you are unable to recover it. Other features of iTag let users make their phone ring from the iTag website, lock the phone’s keys, and back up their phone data.

Contrary to what the name suggests, iTag does not support iPhones. Currently only Android phones are supported. Nonetheless, the tool is very impressive for a free website and should be bookmarked and used by all Android phone owners.

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