jGnash, An Open Source And Free Personal Finance Manager

jGnash is useful for keeping track of account balances and performing reconciliation. You can print checks, run simple reports, write your own scripts, and import QIF and OFX files.


jGnash is cross-platform and will run on any operating system that has a working Java 1.6.0 Runtime Environment (e.g., Linux, OS X, and Microsoft Windows). This is a double entry system, but you can make single entry transactions to support easy entry of adjustments to account balances. It uses Accounts instead of Categories for double entry. Double entry in jGnash works like most other commercial personal financial applications. You will not have to learn a new way of tracking your spending.


  • Accurate calculations,no loss of precision or rounding errors
  • Double Entry Transactions
  • Single Entry Transactions
  • Split Transactions
  • Basic support for Investment Accounts and Transactions
  • Investment transactions support multiple fee entries and account assignment for European users.
  • Nested Accounts
  • Multiple Currencies (Default and Custom), Securities, and custom Commodities
  • QIF import
  • QIF import from on-line banking sources
  • OFX import from on-line banking sources
  • Auto-Completion
  • Multiple look and feels
  • Sortable account registers
  • Reconciliation support
  • Reporting (More will be added)
    • Printable reports
    • Printable charts
    • PDF export
  • Scripting support (BeanShell and JavaScript)
  • Memorized transactions
  • Update stock prices and currency exchange rates online
  • Maintain historical stock prices and currency exchange rate information
  • Evaluation of mathematical expressions inside decimal input fields
  • Time-stamp backup files on exit
  • Client / Server functionality for remote or multiple users Networking Architecture.
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