Intelligently Played Geekiest Scrabble Game

Intelligently Played Geekiest Scrabble Game 1

Have you ever played scrabble? If yes, then you must know how creative it is to complete the meaningful board. But normally these types of games do not relate with tech guys who live their geeky lives like coding a site, doing a research, browsing World Wide Web and doing unlimited similar stuffs to stay away from rest of the world. On the other side when you see an image below, you will find that a geek can also do enough without his computer if he wants to do.

In this completed scrabble board game, you will see that how smart the guy was who creatively used so many meaningful words from the tech industry. He used Linux, IE, GEEKS, Hacker, Cyber, NOOB, Internet, Web, Email, Java, Virus and many others that seem perfect match on this board.


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