FilterForge: Photoshop Plugin Every Designer Should Have

FilterForge: Photoshop Plugin Every Designer Should Have 1

In the world of web design you will often need the help of various products and items, just to accomplish your tasks. And it is obvious why. Things in this world move fast and they are improved and updated constantly; as a result you too will have to improve your techniques and use all the assets you have at your disposal. In these lines, you will learn more about Filter Forge, which is a high-end plugin for Adobe Photoshop that will help you create your own filters.

In case you haven’t heard much about it, then you should know that Filter Forge is a fantastic tool for photographers, designers and graphic artists that desire to embellish and improve the quality of their projects. Also, another thing people should know is that this software has numerous effects and textures, but if one can’t still find that effect that will help him or her send the right message, then designers are encouraged to create their own filters. Nevertheless if you want to know more about the things you benefit from when using this product, in the lines that are to come you will find out which are the advantages that this plugin offers.

Multitude of effects and textures

What designer or photographer would not desire to have at his or her disposal an assembly of effects and textures that would allow them to improve their work? Well, Filter Forge comes with 9231 of such things and the beauty lies in the fact that all these are available in the free online library. It is pretty nice, isn’t it?


High usability

At first, many people will get scared by the idea of creating their own filters. But the thing is that with this product’s user friendly interface it will be something quite enjoyable and entertaining to create. You will just have to go to the visual filter editor and combine such features as: gradients, colors, blurs, and the list may continue. Therefore, one doesn’t have to possess many computer skills when using this item, because it is very easy to use, even for the beginners.

Time and effort saver

In this era of speed, everyone appreciates items that will allow them to save their time and energy. Well, as you can see this software has everything you need, in order to be able to transform your time in money. It will accommodate you and enhance the quality of your services, all these without having to consume much of your energy. Therefore, one should really try Filter Forge, since it is friendly with both your time and effort.


As mentioned previously, there are over 4400 photo effects and over 4800 textures for free in the online library. Thus, has quite a large amount of freebies for the customers. But, besides that, it also helps the artists who would like to get their own free copy of Filter Forge. This process is quite easy: if you desire to win your very own copy, then you are welcome to submit your filters to the library, and if these will be appreciated by the other users, then the free copy is yours.



It feels great not to be restricted to the number of effects and textures that certain products offer. Well, Filter Forge encourages graphic artists, designers and photographs to put their mind at work and to create something that will represent them and that will make it easier for them to transmit a message. Also, another feature that is worthy to take into consideration is the one that allows people to add their most used filters in the Favorite folder. Thus, once you have created something that you believe will help you in your work it is advisable to add it in this folder.

What if I don’t use Photoshop?

After this product will be installed in your computer it will include itself in the Photoshop menu. But if you would like not to use Photoshop, then you will be pleased to learn that it could also be utilized as an individual application. Therefore, although it is a Photoshop plugin it may also function as a standalone program.

Why should I buy it now?

If you hurry up, you will benefit from the 70% Holiday discount on all editions. This means that the basic edition, which is ideal if you are looking for quick results, is available at $44. The standard edition, which will help you save money and at the same time will offer you a huge amount of features, will cost you $74. While, the professional edition, with all the Filter Forge features, will help you save $280 since its price has decreased from $399 to $119.

Can I check it first?

Users that want to convince themselves that Filter Forge is the answer to their questions should download the free trial first. It lasts 30 days, but in this time, people will benefit from all its features. However, before downloading it is best to check system requirements and the host compatibility first, in order to make sure that everything is okay. Therefore, it is quite convenient for you, isn’t it?


Is it trustful?

In case you will find hardware or software incompatibilities or errors in the product you will get a full refund. In order to request the refund, the customers are required to use the contact form. So, it is an easy and transparent process that will make you trust the company and the product.

And, last but not least, if you will have difficulties when using this item or if you are not sure how to obtain certain effects, then you should access and have a look at their tutorials. These will help you complete your job faster and will help you understand how does the application works. To conclude, this plugin is a must for you, if you want your career to advance, if you want to save your time and energy and if you want to accomplish new and challenging tasks. participates in various affiliate marketing programs and especially Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to any of the linked sites from us.