Fabulously cool: Icons for any designer creation

This is fabulously cool: ready-made icons from Icons Land. A friend of mine advised me to visit this site. He was really excited telling that he tried the Weather Icons Set while designing his new weather broadcast site. After visiting the site I thought that maybe someone might find services of icons land useful for himself. The icons enable anyone to build a teardown application for any site, whether this is a website, or a presentation, or some kind of UI software and even printed production.

So I’m here. And here is what I think. A pretty easy to navigate website, with nice examples. The icons allow to spice the design while saving costs and speeding up design process. Icons look good even in small sizes, which is not so easy to draw, so respect for that!

Icons-Land seems to be a design studio which offers Vector Icons, PNG Icons, Emoticons and Custom Icon Design Service. Vector Icons are provided in Adobe Illustrator format, thus can be scaled to any size needed in design. Raster Icons are provided in PNG format in seven sizes 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256. All of them are unique for being worked out in details and effects, including the smallest sizes.

There are many different icons sets that cover many industries and design purposes:

  1. Base Software Icons – widely used icons in any type of software or web applicationFabulously cool: Icons for any designer creation 1
  2. Hardware Icons – icons that represent different modern hardware devicesFabulously cool: Icons for any designer creation 2
  3. Transport Icons – different types of vehicles in 6 colors each, for transportation, GPS tracking, tourist industries
    Fabulously cool: Icons for any designer creation 3
  4. GIS/GPS/Map Icons – various icons to be used in mapping, GPS tracking, construction, tourism industries
    Fabulously cool: Icons for any designer creation 4
  5. POI (Points of Interest) Icons – icons that represent different points on the mapsFabulously cool: Icons for any designer creation 5
  6. Sport Icons – various sports and sport inventoryFabulously cool: Icons for any designer creation 6
  7. Weather Icons – weather icons to be used in weather related sites and softwareFabulously cool: Icons for any designer creation 7

All icons are designed in modern Vista Style and also they are three-dimensional (3D), what makes them very realistic, glossy and eye-catching.

Icons can be bought by pack or individually. I liked that their Royalty-free license allows to distribute icons incorporated into design to unlimited number of customers in unlimited number of projects.

And what is also important is that in case you don’t find icon you need in existing packages, you may order Custom Design Service.

I would recommend everyone to visit Icons Land website if you have need for icons or even for inspiration. If you only have a look at the icons, you will understand that they are worth buying.

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