Fawnt Is A Font Resource For Designers, Developers, And Anyone That Appreciates The Web’s Highest Quality Fonts

Fawnt Is A Font Resource For Designers, Developers, And Anyone That Appreciates The Web's Highest Quality Fonts 1

Fawnt is a resource for designers, developers, and anoyone that loves free fonts. Fawnt is spin-off of the word “Font”. Fawnt lists beautiful fonts in nice speech bubbles coupled with a scrollable interface to make browsing easy.


when you click a font on the homepage, it links directly to the font author/site, giving that person or place full credit.While all of the fonts we list are free, they might have restrictions. Some may be free for personal use, others for commercial. When you visit a font link make sure to browse the page for any fine print or usage terms. They dont have categories. By throwing all the fonts to you at once you are able to visualize different font styles and text variations.

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If you think you found/created/drew/crafted/sculpted/cooked a great font or more fonts of high quality let them know there. It doesn’t have to be your font, just link us to the site or author that owns it so we can give proper credit. 

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They have 10.000 more fonts to look at… Have a look before you purchase fonts. Maybe you don’t need to buy fonts.