Excellent Mockup And Wireframing (9) Web Apps Which You Would Love To Know

Excellent Mockup And Wireframing (9) Web Apps Which You Would Love To Know 1

A wireframe or mockup tool is a must have tool for every web designer and developer. These tools have their importance in web designing and development world. It is good to use them because it saves your time and efforts, a mockup or wireframe can give you the whole idea about how your web will look and work. Combination of your own creativity and client’s requirement into a blank canvas, allows you to effectively plan the visual arrangements of the site’s contents. Well, a good and reliable wireframing application will cost you for sure and cost can starts from 150$ to 5000$. So, are you going to buy or what? and I definitely heard a big NO out there. So, my friends here comes the solution to the problem, I am listing some good web apps and tools for you in my article and you can use these mockup and wireframe apps and tools for FREE.

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MockFlow helps to design interactive UI mockups for Desktop Software, Rich Internet Apps and Web sites. MockFlow is Hybrid, so you can design seamlessly from anywhere & even with No net-connection. You can get your visual concept ready in minutes, it is faster than drawing/coding wireframes, you can share your UI design with your clients, team chat, track project activities and you can export your Mockup to image, PDF or PowerPoint Presentation.



Jumpstart is a simple online collaborative wireframe designed to make planing websites simple, fast and more efficient. With a Jumpchart preview, -clients just get it and it’s not an abstract concept, it works just like the website will. It is great for Web Developers, Information Architects, Website Owners, and Copywriters. Now you can also export your mockup to HTML and WordPress WXR format! Besides WordPress – which is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems in the world.



PencilProject is a free and fairly powerful Firefox add on tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping. Its an open-source tool which is very popular among designers and developers. It has many built-in stencils for diagramming and prototyping webs and options like multi-page documents, adding external objects, inter-page linking, on screen text editing and exporting to HTML, PNG, Openoffice.org document, Word document and PDF makes this addon very necessary for designer and developer.

WebSite Wireframe Tool

You can build the wireframe in minutes with this particular tool, and if desired, a link to view the wireframe can be sent through email, instant message, or even the phone. The attraction to this tool is the simplicity of usage, lending itself to speed, both in wireframe creation, as well as being able to quickly share the results without having to send anything more than a web address. It is free to register and use, and works in modern web browsers including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.



Lumzy is a quick Mockup creation and Prototyping tool for software designers and developers. As a Mockup tool, you can use it to create a rough sketch of how the final website or application will look like while prototyping extends this by adding event based functionalities. Its totally FREE and its function like send on the go, make it public, collaboration and chat, and quick drag and drop will attract you to use it. And by the way you can export your Mockup to jpeg, PNG and PDF files.



DENIM is a system that helps web site designers in the early stages of design. DENIM supports sketching input, allows design at different refinement levels, and unifies the levels through zooming. It allows designers to quickly sketch an interface using an electronic pad and stylus. Its now available for Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X. You can download it from here.



fluidIA is an emerging agile design tool for prototyping rich user interfaces. It provides support for truly rapid prototyping and changes of interface representations, expression of rich interactions, and collaboration.

Prototype Composer


Prototype Composer is a completely new way of gathering requirements. Prototype Composer makes it possible to see how an application will look and function before any code is ever written. Instead of endless text documents, Prototype Composer makes it easy for business users and business analysts to collaborate on requirements by building simple, high-fidelity prototypes that simulate a working application.

iPhone Mockup


This simple web app allows you to create your own iPhone app mockups, share your mockup with other people, and the changes you make will be synced to everyone who has the mockup’s URL. This app is currently in Alpha and offers no password protection so, you better be careful about the privacy of what you creates.

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