Double Click Any Word To Get Definition In Chrome With Google Dictionary

Double Click Any Word To Get Definition In Chrome With Google Dictionary 1

Not all people who use the internet are native English language speakers. Mainly due to this reason, many users come across unfamiliar words on websites. Even native English speakers can run into this problem, but less frequently. To understand the unfamiliar word we can look it up in a physical dictionary or preferably, use the internet to look up the word.

Using an online dictionary website would mean heading away from our webpage, opening the dictionary website, pasting the desired word in, and finding out its meaning. What if there was a way to very quickly find out the meaning of the word while we were reading? It would surely be convenient as it would not disrupt our reading rhythm.

That is exactly what Google Dictionary extension plans to do.

Google Dictionary extension is Google’s own extension for its own browser, Chrome. With the extension installed, Chrome users will no longer need to bookmark any dictionary websites. The extension simplifies looking up word meanings by eliminating the need to visit a dictionary website in a new tab.

After installing the extension you will notice a new red icon in the address bar, at the end of the webpage URL. This indicates that Google Dictionary is installed.


By default, with the extension installed we can double click and highlight any word to have its meaning appear in a small pop up window right next to the word.


The response time of the extension is excellent and makes sure our reading is not disrupted. The options of the extension can be accessed to change the trigger buttons / actions for the pop up window.


Moreover the icon in the address bar can be used to view a full, comprehensive definition of the highlighted word in a new tab.
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