DeeperWeb, An Innovative Google Search Plugin For Firefox And Internet Explorer

DeeperWeb, An Innovative Google Search Plugin For Firefox And Internet Explorer 1 is an innovative search engine tool and an essential addon for Google users. DeeperWeb is integrated into Google web search results and is available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. DeeperWeb boosts searching by employing Tag-Cloud techniques to help users navigate through search results more efficiently and uses Topic-Mapping-Technologies for fast results identification. Visit us online for more information on our search plugin and Firefox extension.

DeeperWeb GoogleSearch

A number of key features in this addon release make this the best time yet for Google users to reload their searching experience and boost Google web search results with DeeperWeb. All features are available for Internet Explorer and Firefox:

Improving search results with TAG-CLOUD techniques

•       See the full picture hidden beneath the pile of search results
•       Find related tags and phrases extracted from your search results
•       Modify search with one click tweak, rephrase and focus your search

DeeperWeb TagClouds

In addition to these, there are several clever business and internet marketing applications to the DeeperWeb’s Tag-Cloud extension: identifying main competitors, pinpointing targeted sites for most effective advertisement and isolating the authoritative websites of a particular topic.

Finding the desired information hidden beneath the pile of web search results has never been easier. DeeperWeb’s Topic-Mapping search engine technologies reduce the clutter and help users to more effectively identify search results upon topic and type (e.g. articles, videos, podcasts, slides…).

Quick Zoom-In by Area of Interest with TOPIC-MAPPING technologies

•       See Mapped Information for fast results identification
•       Quickly Zoom-In (& Out) to categories such as answers, news, Wikipedia, video, podcast, slides,     research, expert’ advices and more…
•       Get Access to high-quality targeted news and information from leading publications. participates in various affiliate marketing programs and especially Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to any of the linked sites from us.