Congratulations To The Winners Of PpcSoft iKnow

Thanks to all of the participants of contest in which you could win PpcSoft iKnow. We ran the MySql random query and selected these commenter to give them PpcSoft iKnow.

  • Adi Nugroho
  • Evandro
  • Sandeep S
  • drahendra
  • Ham
  • Alex
  • Denuro
  • Ishango
  • Paul
  • Clark

PpcSoft iKnow is an easy, fast, efficient tool for knowledge workers using MS Windows. PpcSoft iKnow is optimized for text, and more focused on personal knowledge management than simple note-taking (not only storing notes, but automatically linking notes to quickly find related information similar to (but easier than) Wikipedia).

Congratulations To The Winners Of PpcSoft iKnow 1

PpcSoft iKnow can give you a lot of power, but it can also be easy and simple to use if you don’t need all the advanced functionality.  Most of the time you will collect information, connect your notes and find them again using the Quick Search or full-text search. Easy and lightning fast.

Congratulations To The Winners Of PpcSoft iKnow 2

The ability to store all the little details you need at work, quickly finding them again and connecting different notes to each other will probably save you a lot of time and increase your productivity (and make your day a little easier).

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