Congratulations To The Winners Of Monoslideshow (A Flash® Slideshow To View Your Images And Videos In A Web Page)

Thanks to all of the participants of contest in which you could Take A Chance To Win Monoslideshow Giveaway (A Flash® Slideshow To View Your Images And Videos In A Web Page). We ran the MySql random query and selected these commenter to give them Monoslideshow.

Monoslideshow is a Flash® slideshow to view your images and videos in a web page. It can be placed on every website, in whatever size you want and filled with whatever content you like. It’s designed for maximum flexibility, whether you want to have a professional looking portfolio, or a simple image rotator on your website.


Monoslideshow is a single .SWF-file. There’s no need to recompile or edit the slideshow in the Flash® IDE. Instead, all Monoslideshow needs is information that is directly read from a .XML-file. It’s compact, extremely versatile and easy for web developers to integrate in existing websites.


You can view your customization live and build your own XML configuration file using the online demo page: It has  20+ Professional photo transitions, Ken Burns effect (pan / zoom), Style interface elements to match your design, Easy navigation between photo albums, Fully resizable, fits every layout, Background music and image sounds, API for Javascript and Actionscript 3, Support for EXIF data in photo captions.

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