An Open Source And Free Invoicing Web Application

An Open Source And Free Invoicing Web Application 1

SIWAPP is an open source web application meant to help manage and create invoices in a simple, straightforward way. Using a swapp is comfortable and everything is placed where you are expecting to find it.


This web application will also be able to work as a module -interconnected through its API to many otner business management applications- which takes care -the easy way- only of the billing of the company.

Siwapp is built on Symfony, a PHP web development environment, which heavily rests on MVC ideas (model, view, controller). This environment allows us to develop “Extreme Programming” techniques, as well as guarantee a proper application evolution in the future.


  • Simple & straightforwards
  • Comfortable
  • Useful
  • Pretty
  • Flexible
  • Productivity – oriented
  • Anywhere
  • Secure
  • Supported