Aggregating and Sharing Web Links Made Easy With BagTheWeb

Aggregating and Sharing Web Links Made Easy With BagTheWeb 1

We can find content online on any subject; the internet has everything we are looking for. The information is usually distributed over a number of sources.

Suppose we want to view all of Coldplay’s videos; there is no single URL that will have all the videos; we will need to visit multiple URLs. To share the videos, we will need to share all those URLs. The same can be applied to any other thing we are looking for – we will need to visit multiple URLs.

After finding the URLs we are looking for, what if there was a way to store them in a ‘bag’ and label the bag accordingly? Say we store all those video URLs in a virtual bag and label the bag “Coldplay’s Videos.” The next time we need to view or share those videos, all we need to do is share the bag instead of the individual URLs.

BagTheWeb does exactly that.


BagTheWeb is a free to use website that lets users create virtual bags and store URLs in it. More than simply storing the address of the webpages we add, the site lets our bag actually use those URLs. In the abovementioned example, our videos bag will actually be an online video playlist. Depending on the nature of the URLs we add, we can aggregate online profiles, share expertise, recommend stuff, build a trip guide, promote a cause, prepare a discussion, organize a meeting, capture an event, or connect a community.


We start BagTheWeb by creating a free account.

Setting up our profile is optional. We can leave the profile details fields empty and skip to creating our bag.


After adding URLs to our bag and choosing how those URLs will be used, we can publish the bag to be findable to any internet user. We can also share our bags on our social networking accounts.


BagTheWeb is a wonderful idea and a unique way to share online content. I predict this site will become very popular very soon.

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