9 Extremely Addictive Digg.com Related Articles Which You May Be Looking For!

9 Extremely Addictive Digg.com Related Articles Which You May Be Looking For! 1


Social media sites are the fastest growing website over the web. The community is getting stronger and stronger everyday. Digg.com is one the top in the social media website which have millions of addicted users (I am one of them 🙂 ) and growing everyday. But just to be an addicted is not necessary to get success on the digg.com. Every digger (digg user) should know how to digg.com algorithm is working? What are the success factors on digg.com? Why any story can get a position on digg.com homepage? How to get maximum diggs? What should to do to be a good digg.com user and what should not? How to write article to be promote on digg.com? and alot of question just to know how digg.com is well for any individual?

Here’s the list of 9 useful articles which has alot of information, tips, suggestions, experiences, analysis etc. You can find them very helpful to know some interesting facts about how you can be a successfull digg.com user or digg addict.

Analysis: Top 100 Digg Users (Not available anymore)
Interesting Analysis on top 100 digg user that what number of stories submitted, what number of stories gone popular, what percentage of submissions that hit the homepage etc

Tips on How To Get to The Front Page. (On Digg)
Tips from 11 of 30 Top users of Digg. Let’s see what advice they have for the up and coming Top Digg Users?

What is the most popular list on Digg? (Not available anymore)
If you’ve spent any amount of time on Digg you’ll know how popular the “(number)”? lists are. Top 5, 10, 50 and 100 lists regularly reach the front page – but which number list is the most popular of all?

Top 10 Reasons This List Will Be Popular on Digg (Not available anymore)
Top 10 lists can always be seen on Digg’s homepage, and to give you an example this, here are ten things that will help this post become popular on Digg.

Digging: Does it Still Work? (Not available anymore)
This article not only explained how to get to the Digg front page, but also managed to do that by getting more than 1200 diggs!

How to Get Digg Frontpaged (Not available anymore)
How you can get your humble little blog Digg frontpaged without breaking any rules or using any blackhat/spammy methods.

How To: Get 3,000+ Diggs In 24 Hours
You don’t need to be in a group to get your submissions on the front page.

75 Suggestions, Best Practices & Resources for Digg
This is a collection of ideas, tips, best practices and suggested guidelines related to success on Digg that can be found in many different places and are echoing many successful Diggers and Social Media Experts.

I know, I have missed lots of articles which are worth reading but I am waiting for you to participate in this post via submitting your knowledge base about digg.com using comment section. I also welcome you if you can share your experiences with digg.com that how did you enjoy your social media life as an addicted digg.com user.

Also, dont forget to share with us that how do you enjoy reading the above articles?

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