6rounds: A New Way To Experience Video Chat With Unique & Fun Concept

6rounds: A New Way To Experience Video Chat With Unique & Fun Concept 1

If you are looking for a better alternative to Chatroulette, a website with more than a “New Game” button and a decent audience, then head on over to 6rounds.

6rounds is a free to use website that lets you find new friends in a much better way than Chatourlette. The site lets you sign up and enter “rounds.” A round is a connection between two people; this connection is video and text chat based.

The rounds are a lot more than mere chat sessions. They are made interactive by co-browsing websites like Facebook and YouTube.


People in the same round can also play various games with each other.


Video effects can be added to our video chat to have more fun with our conversation.


The rounds can be initiated in two ways. After sining up you create your presentation in slideshow form. You fill out other details like favorite movies, TV shows, music, and books. Other people can then view your profile and choose to ‘play a round’ with you. Alternatively you can enter one of many chat rooms which are formed according to topic or activity. Once in a chat room you are randomly connected to another person in the chat room of similar tastes.


Overall 6rounds offers a very user friendly interface. Impressed with its service Google approved it as a video chat extension for Google Wave (the only such approved extension on Wave). Now 6rounds will be covering even more ground than before because they recently introduced an API for developers. 6rounds promises that by the simple use of this API, developers will be able to create their applications into 6rounds’ rounds in about 15 minutes. Multiuser chat sessions and Facebook video chat are also on 6rounds’ agenda.


With its rich library of features and amazing future plans, it would be a mistake to overlook this website. Jump on the 6rounds bandwagon by clicking here.

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