14 Must Have Magento Extensions

This post presents 14 must to have Magento extensions. Magento is a platform for creating and running online stores of different types, and with more than 1,25,000 online stores it has become the world’s leader platform in setting up and running online stores. Although, Magento offers all the possible features to its users but sometimes everything cannot be worked out; and this is where extensions come into play.

You may find number of Magento extensions on the web but in this post, we are sharing 14 must to have Magento extensions that cannot be ignored. So, have a look at this collection and make use of these Magento extensions to make Magento even more better eCommerce platform.

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Fooman Speedster

Speed up your store by combining, compressing and caching Javascript and CSS files.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 1

Facebook Connect Social Shopping

Facebook Connect Social Shopping (FCSS) provides your site visitors the ability to connect with their Facebook friends without leaving your ecommerce store.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 2

Shop By Brand

Group your product by brand (manufacturer) attribute. It is absolutely free.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 3

Twitt your products

Let your customers recommend your products using Twitter.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 4

Vertical Navigation with CSS Classes

Vertical Category Navigation with subcategories, fine css classes and backend configuration.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 5

Facebook Connect and Like Free

Connect your Magento store to Facebook and benefit from Login and Like features.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 6

Fooman Same Order Invoice Number

Use the Magento order number as the related invoice, shipment and credit memo number.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 7


Certified module to integrate Magento and Varnish that makes your eCommerce site fly.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 8

Magemaven OrderComment

Allows customer to specify optional comment during order placing.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 9

One Step / Page Checkout

Think we are kidding about this extension being free? We’re not; our one step checkout system for Magento is now completely free! This is our way of thanking the Magento community for all of your support and love towards IWD’s goal of making eCommerce simply fun.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 10

OnePica ImageCDN

This extension enables you to host category and product images on a CDN (or any separate server) with ease.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 11

WebShopApps MatrixRate

The original custom shipping rates extension for Magento.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 12

eBay-Magento Integration – Order Import and Stock Level

The M2E Pro integrates Magento into eBay and Amazon, Rakuten platforms. EE & CE only at the moment.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 13

Custom address fields requirements

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This extension allows you to change more show options (don’t show, optional, required) of the customer address fields.

14 Must Have Magento Extensions 14