Best Free Programs & Online Services For Sending And Sharing Large Files

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  1. John Apretto says:

    I would like to share one more way for transferring large files. Binfer is probably one of the easiest way to transfer large files. The most I like about it is the auto resume of interrupted transfers.

  2. Dana Ellis says:

    Seems you missed out a great file sharing service – JumboMail
    With JumboMail you can send files up to 5GB for free and up to 20GB in total.
    You also have a download page with online previewing, so you can view the files online before downloading them.
    Check them out –

  3. aditia says:

    add google drive to the list, very useful for office work

  4. I’ve heard of SendSpace. I’ll test him.

  5. thanks Sharing Large Files list

  6. saretem says:

    Hi AKHTER,

    Thanks for good lists. 4 Shared very good

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