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  1. Estee Soto says:

    Is always great to have material for inspiration and new projects
    I will posted in my page and recommend the set to my followers anyway

  2. Angela says:

    I loved PixelKit, however they stopped posting new content months ago. I had a membership for a couple years and then their updates became inconsistent and then they stopped posting updates. Their promise of 1 per month has been false advertising. They just stopped posting new content or updates and don’t respond to questions. Just a look at their twitter will illustrate that.

    The last one they released was months ago back in February and before that was December, then prior was October. So they ramped down to every 2 months then radio silence. They do have good kits, don’t get me wrong, but they haven’t created new content in 8 months. Which to me, is bad business since it’s a yearly sub saying new content every month.

  3. Brendan says:

    As a graphic designer, yes I could create these excellent graphics myself. And often do. But time is money. So if I have a a good source of A RATED GRAPHICS, I am happy to use them, as they don’t tarnish my reputation as a designer and give the the client what they want.

  4. Rahul Joshi says:

    I have used the PixelKit packages in past and found them to be extremely useful in the projects. Would definitely want to give them another try.

  5. Kyriakos says:

    I would like to use them in an upcoming project. I think they will be useful and inspiring.

  1. November 3, 2015

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