By AN Jay on November 17, 2011

Infographic: Are You Addicted To Your Mobile Phone?

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This infographic illustrates how the use of smartphones takes over our lives nowadays. It begins by highlighting background information and common use characteristics to establish why we use them in the first place. Then the infographic goes on to explore common scenarios leading to mobile phone addiction. In conclusion, for some people turning off your mobile phones to avoid addiction might not be the best idea, since the stress from not being able to communicate could just make things worse. The data used to create the infographic was originated from Europe, US and Worldwide.

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Thanks For You .good

Well said Jay! Now-a-days Mobile phones become part of our lives. And we have addicted to mobile phones. The above mentioned scenario is very interesting to read. I like this post very much.

lol i am the one on scenario 1. i never turn off my mobile phone :)i just cant live without it.

i like playing with my phone when i’m go to the toilet

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