By Umar Anjum on September 7, 2010

7 Excellent Website To Test And Compare Website Speed

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Site owners often need to bookmark a number of site-testing web tools. These tests include site loading time testers, optimization testers, site comparison tools, and performance tools.

If you are looking for these tools, then look no further. Below you will find our list of free online website testing tools. Read about each of the seven entries and determine yourself which one is most useful for you and bookmark-worthy.


WebWait is a simple website that tells you the average waiting time each visitor has to face before you site fully loads up. In addition to the average waiting times, median times and the standard deviation values are also provided, making the site a good tool to rely on for speed statistics.


LinkVendor runs tests on your website and reveals the speed and size of the domain, estimated load time for various bandwidths, number and sizes of all found images, CSS and JavaScript files.

iWebTool’s Website Speed Test

If you own multiple domains or would like to compare load times of different websites, you can use this web tool. “iWebTool’s Website Speed Test” lets you enter up to 10 domains in the same go and execute speed tests on them. For each site you see the size, load time, and average speed per kilobyte.

SelfSEO’s Website Speed Test

SelfSEO’s Website Speed Test is similar to the speed test tool of iWebTool. You can simultaneous test for up to 10 websites and get their size, load time, and average speed per kilobyte.


If you want to compare the speed times of two websites, then this is a must-bookmark site for you. You can enter two websites’ URLs in WhichLoadsFaster and the site will provide the individual loading time of each site. A percentage factor shows how fast one website is compared to the other.

Webpage Test

Through “Webpage Test” you can set a number of parameters before you begin testing a URL. The test results are comprehensively broken down into speed tests, JavaScript file sizes, and image file sizes. The site also provides tools to compare the performance of multiple websites.

Web Page Analyzer

Web Page Analyzer lets you run site analyzing tests on a URL or on an (X)HTML code; the site can diagnose the code for you.

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Great sites!

Very great info. It really give me more idea how to check my website of quality access.

Thanks for the list :)

Will defiantly use a few of these on a regular basis.

this list is of great help.

Thanks for share the list

Quite useful links


Just did a test using webpage analyzer and got:
Analysis and Recommendations

* MULTIM_SIZE – Congratulations, the total size of all your external multimedia files is 0 bytes, which is less than 10K.

thank.. it’s usefull

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I prefer the page:
I didn’t check all of your’s but the amount of features on SP perfectly fits me.

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I suggest you check your own site – it took ages to load!

Dear Friends:
Somebody help me I need to know what I do for conver my website: faster because now this very slow.

Bem interessante a dica. É bom termos vários sites que irão produzir uma média de velocidade.

Many thanks for your tips

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Wow! Some great web tools here.
My Favorites are WhichLoadsFaster (spent 10 min. playing around with sites and search engines, big fun :)) and WebWait. Really cool stuff.


Thanks for sharing these great tools.I was searching for this for a long time

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