By AN Jay on December 26, 2009

Awesome Photos Captured By Photographers With Great Timing

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Today, we are showing you Awesome Photos Captured By Photographers With Great Timing. I appreciate to all those talented photographers who taken these excellent photos with their efforts, imaginations and creativity to give us a chance to see these photographic wonders from their creative eyes. This list is not long in numbers but I promise you that when you start browsing them in details it will surely refresh you. These are the wonder creations of photographers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference.

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Sky in the cart by vitor cid

Slow Shutter Photos

Thunderbolt over the sea by nini_filippini

Slow Shutter Photos

Jumping Girl by scarabuss

Eyeliner by Norbert Probst

Slow Shutter Photos

Catching 1000 Stars by impressionenmeer

Tennis by Rafa Gòmez

Slow Shutter Photos

East Sands Dawn by Dienices

Edgar the great by Jure Kravanja

Slow Shutter Photos

Question? by Peter Walmsley

Slow Shutter Photos

Snowball Fights by Eibo-Jeddah

Hungarian skies by realityDream

Slow Shutter Photos

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awesome photography

Wow, this is just way cool dude! The hamster one is priceless


catching stars is COOL

Nice. Snowball and Edgar are sweet.

could take it or leave it

snowball so cute

Here’s a great lightening capture in a suburb of Toronto taken by my friend:

Some nice photos in the list. I would list “You may be interested in these older posts” below the photos though.

BTW, none of the older posts work for me.

the lightning shot is not a capture. it’s clear it’s set to bulb on the camera

I think my picture should be in my list, judge for yourself :P

great photos by the way, especially the mouse

[...] Photos captured with great timing [...]

The rat’s owner finger nails are gross !

Many of these photos are being in the right place at the right time. Great photos!

[...] Awesome Photos Captured By Photographers With Great Timing Submitted by Editorial Team [...]

Nice collection. The lighting in the sea was the most beautiful one i liked.

That hamster looks really funny and cute :D By the way buddy, just to inform this page is looking weird on the Google Chrome due to some CSS issues.

Happy New Year to you and your readers!

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“Edgar the great ” Is awesome.. Nice shot..

I love that One.. Its Love IT :P

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“Thunderbolt over the sea” is the best example of the lot. Perfect timing and perhaps, some luck as well. A nice post of great moments frozen in time.

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These are great, but not all are “Great Timing”. Someone already mentioned that the lighting strike was simply shot with a long exposure, which is why the sky also looks so foggy and surreal. And the stars are just stationary lights in the background, blurred due to “bokeh” or shallow depth of field, and shaped by a cover over the lens with a star cutout.

In fact, those two are the opposite of “Great Timing” because they are both deliberately and meticulously set up to get those end results. Tricky!

I like the hamster one! So cute!

[...] Awesome Photos Captured By Photographers With Great Timing [...]

The mice is so cute :)

i like your photos, awesome :)

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