Create RSS Feeds And Publish News Feeds With RapidFeeds

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6 Responses

  1. Timothy says:

    awesome. I’m actually setting up an RSS feed now, so I’ll check this out. Thanks

  2. Mike Bullioda says:

    I tried a bunch of these tools and settled for Feedity – I use it a lot these days for creating custom RSS feeds from various webpages. It is simple to use and gives great results.

  3. RSS Feeds are really very helpful and you could get site and news updates from it..`’

  4. Adam Moore says:

    RSS feeds are really great because you are always updated with the latest news or blog posts.:,:

  5. i use RSS Feeds to syndicate my blog on other blogs;:’

  6. RSS feeds are necessary for transmitting your blog updates to your readers or followers’*;