Your Computer Is Going Away (Graphic)

Your Computer Is Going Away (Graphic) 1

In the mid of nineteenth century, who knows that the giant size mainframe computers will run the whole world and change the people’s lives. But this happened today and there’s lots more that while traveling from mainframe era to personal era to internet era but the current era is not less than a revolution. It’s ubiquitous computing era when the devices themselves need not have any on-board processing or data storage, reducing their price and increasing their deployment. In simple words, computers will be everywhere, but you will not even notice them.

Your Computer Is Going Away (Graphic) 2

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I found an infographic in which you will find out that from where we started in 1950 and where this digital environment stands in 2010. This infographic was created by TechNewsDaily to visualize this journey. We would love to know what you are thinking while viewing this infographic. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter.

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Your Computer Is Going Away (Graphic) 3