StarBucks Now Offers Free Wi-Fi Access In US And Canada

StarBucks Now Offers Free Wi-Fi Access In US And Canada 1

Restaurants, food chains, and all other eating places have tapped into a new way to attract customers: offering free Wi-Fi access. You might have seen the “Free Wi-Fi” notice outside many food places. The tactic works brilliantly. Not only do customers come in, but they keep on ordering stuff to stay in the restaurant and use the free net service on their laptop or smartphone.

Starbucks has been using this tactic for a long time now. But they restricted their free Wi-Fi to iPhone users and AT&T subscribers. You could see many iPhone owners occupying chairs in Starbucks with their coffee going cold on the table while they browsed the web on their handheld device.

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The coffee chain had announced plans to extend their Wi-Fi service to everybody on July 1st. Today is July 1st and in accordance with their announcement, Starbucks now offers free Wi-Fi to everybody in their vicinity. Now not only the iPhone owners, but everybody with a laptop or smartphone will be able to Tweet about their latest activities in Starbucks.

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People will be able to access free Wi-Fi through a 2-click process. The first click will confirm agreement with Starbucks’ usage policy and the second click will connect to Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi will be available at all Starbucks stores in the US and Canada.