Safari 5 Improved The Way You Surf The Web

Safari 5 Improved The Way You Surf The Web 1

During the keynote at WWDC, Steve Jobs did not mention much about Safari. But Apple made up for it by releasing a press announcement centered on Safari.

The new Safari version is Safari 5. The browser’s new features includes Safari Reader, strong HTML5 support, better performance, Bing Search, Enhanced Keyboard Navigation, Acid 3 Compliance, Nitro JavaScript Engine, Hardware Acceleration for Windows, support for extensions, Geo-location service,  Improved Web Inspector. Before discussing it further, I won’t mind to rate Safari 5 as smart, powerful, beautiful browser For Mac and PC.

Bing has been added one of the preloaded search engine options. This will obviously save Safari users a lot of time since they will be able to execute Bing searches from within a webpage. Google and Yahoo searches can also be used on the browser.


One of the most important additions is the support for extensions. Safari is finally jumping on the addons / extensions bandwagon. Hopefully it will attract developers the same way Chrome and Firefox did. 3rd party extensions will surely beautify and simplify the Safari experience.

Safari 5 is considerably faster than its previous versions. Apple boasts a 30% performance improvement over Safari 4. Apple also claims that Safari 5 is 3% faster than Chrome 5.0 and over twice as fast as Firefox 3.6 when it comes to running JavaScript.


The new browser version will handle HTML5 in a better way. For example, full-screen view and closed captions for will now be supported for HTML5 video.

Safari 5 includes support for location services and whenever you visit a Geo-location website, Safari will ask for a confirmation before sharing your position (just like in Chrome).

The most hyped new feature in Safari 5 is Safari Reader. This feature allows users to exclude online ads from any webpage and obtain a simplified view for easier reading. Certainly this will speed up page loading times and be a convenience to users.


You can test all these features yourself because the browser is up for public download. Get Safari 5 by clicking here. participates in various affiliate marketing programs and especially Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to any of the linked sites from us.