SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm


Galaxy Watch4

  • Advanced sleep tracking when you go to bed, your Galaxy Watch sleep tracker starts monitoring your sleep and SpO2 levels continuously.
  • Take care of your heart with accurate ECG monitoring and keep an eye on possible atrial fibrillation, a common form of irregular heart rhythm
  • Make Every Workout Count with SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm that recognizes 6 popular activities, from running to rowing to swimming, automatically in just 3 minutes
  • Go the Extra Mile because VO2 Max readings assess your oxygen levels to manage and track your heart and lung endurance.
  • Galaxy Watch4 works as an extension of your phone that enables you to talk, stream, and text from your wrist on the go.
  • Personalize your look even more with a range of stylish watch faces and bands.
  • Tap into the power and convenience of Google services and apps; you can Pay for coffee, get directions to the park, use Google Assistant or Bixby, and stream from YouTube Music.


SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Galaxy Watch4