Hydro Flask Tote Reusable Cooler Lunch Travel Bag Durable hot or cold up to 4 hours


Reusable Cooler Lunch Travel Bag

  • Newly produced Hydro Flasks do not feature a registered trademark symbol next to the logo
  • Lightweight yet keeps contents hot or cold up to 4 hours
  • Soft exterior easily folds for storage and travel
  • Fully lined interior and welded seams make cleanup easy


Hydro Flask Tote Travel Bag

Lunch has two big jobs: it’s the midday break we all look forward to and it’s the fuel that powers us through the second half of our day. The best foods to do those jobs don’t come out of a drive-thru window, they come in a lunch bag from home.

The Hydro Flask Tote Reusable Cooler Lunch Travel Bag keeps contents chilled for up to 4 hours. Coated fabric is waterproof and durable enough to tag along on hikes or a day on the river.

A fully lined interior with welded seams allows for simple clean up, while the collapsible design and pliable materials fold for easy storage and travel. Use the ice pack to keep your food perfectly chilled in the cooler bag.

Skip the brown paper bag and the old lunch box, toss your lunch in this insulated lunch bag. This Hydro Flask waterproof bag is backed by a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty.

Reusable Cooler Lunch Travel Bag Hydro Flask Tote

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