Bonded MoCA Network Adapter 2.5 for Highest Speed Internet


About this item
  • INCREASE NETWORK SPEEDS with Bonded MoCA Network Adapter same product, new look, and brand. Up to 2.5 Gbps network connection using your existing coax TV wiring. Get true 2.5 Gbps IN and OUT with this Ethernet-over-coax Adapter, improving speed, latency, reliability, and security.
  • GET BETTER WIFI – Create a 2.5 GBPS ethernet over coax connection between your access point and your router by connecting one MoCA Adapter to your Router and one to your WiFi Access Point or Extender in another room.
  • BETTER GAMING, BETTER STREAMING – Get EXTREME speeds and bandwidth for pristine 4K and HD video, online gaming, working from home, and other demanding, high-bandwidth applications. Our products are Carrier-Grade.
  • USE EXISTING COAX WIRING TO CREATE AN ETHERNET NETWORK to achieve a fast, reliable Ethernet connection between the router and any device with an Ethernet port. Bonded MoCA 2.5 technology outperforms wireless for speed, latency, reliability, and security.


Bonded MoCA Network Adapter 2.5

ScreenBeam ECB7250 Bonded MoCA Network Adapter features a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port, delivering up to 2.5 Gbps In and 2.5 Gbps Out capabilities, giving you all the extreme high-speed bandwidth you need for flawless streaming of HD video, pristine online gaming, and all of your other demanding high-bandwidth applications. Experience an instant boost to network speeds with an extremely fast and reliable wired connection over your existing coax wiring. Plug and Play installation is as simple as it gets.

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