Plenton: A ‘Cloud Sharing’ Website With Wonderful Social Media Potential

Plenton: A ‘Cloud Sharing’ Website With Wonderful Social Media Potential 1

Digg, Facebook, Twitter, and all similar sites are a part of something called online social media. Social media is what we use to promote trending topics, websites, products, and interesting links on the web. The sites I just mentioned dominate the social media arena. But there is an up-and-coming competitor to these sites. I am referring to Plenton.

Plenton is a ‘cloud sharing’ website with wonderful social media potential. I remember when I first visited Digg, it took me a while to get used to all the links and controls. In contrast, Plenton was a breeze to get used to. All I had to do was create a free account and start sharing.


After you create an account on Plenton (and optionally upload a display picture) not only can you share links to interesting online content, but you can also upload media (images and video). Whatever you share on the Plenton network, the Plenton community will vote and contribute related media material to your link thereby making it bigger. This process turns your share into a cloud and this is the ‘cloud sharing’ concept.

People who simply want to browse the site to see what happening on the web and everywhere else, Plenton offers a great site layout. The categories bar lets you view articles categorically.

The homepage of the site has “clouds selection” which always contains very interesting material.


“The Spotlight” section features latest shares.


Most popular clouds can also be viewed on the site’s homepage.


A section called “Upcoming Clouds” helps social media enthusiasts know about the upcoming trends and topics on the Plenton network.


The network’s features add up to a great social media site, one that has immense potential.

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