NutShellMail Simplifies Your Online Social Life By Delivering You All In One Email Alerts

NutShellMail Simplifies Your Online Social Life By Delivering You All In One Email Alerts 1

I remember when my friends and I used only Orkut for social networking. Now many users have migrated over to other networks or use more than one social networking site. Of these multiple-networking-site users, most people have an account on Facebook and Twitter. These networks are very different from each other; simultaneously managing a Facebook and Twitter account by checking our notifications on each is quite time consuming and adversely affects our productivity.

Particularly people whose work requires heavy usage of their computers (like me) find it difficult to manage all their social networks in the minimum possible time. Thankfully services like NutshellMail are there to makes things easier for us.

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NutshellMail is a free website and one of many website that aim to merge our social media accounts. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, the site supports LinkedIn and MySpace.


To start using NutshellMail we first need to create an account using the link located at the top right of the site’s homepage. Alternatively we can connect with our Facebook / Twitter accounts to sign in.


While setting up our NutshellMail account and adding our networks to it, we can specify which kind of updates do we want to see.



The feature of NutshellMail that appealed to me most was its support of multiple accounts of the same service. For Twitter users this will be very beneficial; users can add two Twitter accounts to their NutshellMail account and get the feeds from both. Updates from our secondary accounts can be forwarded to our primary account of a particular supported service*. This way all we need to do is check the notifications of our primary accounts. (*For Twitter, delivery times of messages and the type of messages to be forwarded can be customized.)

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In conclusion, NutshellMail is a wonderful service that makes it easier to manage our social media accounts even if we have more than one account per service. Click here to visit the site and start using it.