Most Interesting Design Trends For Online Photo Galleries

Most Interesting Design Trends For Online Photo Galleries 1

There are tons of interesting web design trends emerging on the web. If to touch the issue of web design trends in the field of photo portfolio websites, we see that more attention is now put to the developing of the gallery itself. When it comes down to its style, there are many options to accomplish the media presentation by far efficiently.

Go 3D!

Currently, Flash galleries and slideshow components are more eagerly displayed as an engaging interactive 3D interface. This mainly helps to obtain different layouts including 3D walls, stacks, spires, spheres, squares, or tunnels. Here the layout depends mainly on the site’s objectives and individual preferences.

Most Interesting Design Trends For Online Photo Galleries 2

Minimalist Concepts

Furthermore, we often spot simple and minimalist concepts in portfolio websites that, with a huge white space, is a replacement for busy and complex layouts.

Image-based pages

In web galleries, image-based pages are as well very prominent since they are strong enough to grab visitors’ interest without any use of typography, huge headlines, or any visual effects whatsoever.

Hand-drawn elements

Let’s mention also the use of hand-drawn elements in portfolio designs. We’ve seen them frequently in the site’s execution, from complete hand-drawn layouts, to hand-drawn aspects or just the odd hand-drawn notes.

Centered content

More designers currently develop rather centered content that’s especially effective as a way of focusing on the relevant points of media content.

Huge backgrounds and image styles

Still, the most traceable up to date trend embraces huge backgrounds and image styles. Naturally designers fill up the blank website space to better envelop the users’ concentration.

As for the grid-system, it is also widely deployed to develop multi-column online portfolios. This allows designers to fit in more content as it will help to save more spaces on the layout.

Patterns and textures

Another trend is the use of creative patterns or subtle and textured backgrounds. This is usually done to give a polish and more modern style that will complement the elegant gallery.

User-friendly pop-ups

Additionally, there is the new generation of pop-up windows – modal or light boxes. This is the great alternative to present the site content in a clean and crisp manner, which is as well user-friendly.

These trends are, in fact, just like a guidance to help you set new ideas whenever you create a portfolio design. Though, you may save quite a lot of time using a professional web template to create a spectacular gallery that will already be built according to all those trends. TemplateMonster offers the customers a nice variety of dynamic photo gallery templates, customizable enough to easily match the theme and appearance of your future website. Equipped with user-friendly admin panel, they will correctly interpret each particular style to efficiently communicate the site’s tone and create an immerse experience to its visitors. Plus, any of those Flash Photo gallery templates are now available at a huge 40% discount. So you may be sure that such template is an absolutely essential step for running a successful online gallery. You’d better take advantage of this nice offer.

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