MashPedia The Real-time Encyclopedia Searches Many Online Sources In One Go

MashPedia The Real-time Encyclopedia Searches Many Online Sources In One Go 1

The sources in most online encyclopedias are static. Take Wikipedia for example. User submitted articles on Wikipedia have fixed sources for their articles. A change in the source therefore can present a problem for that particular article.

Suppose there was an encyclopedia with the latest sources accompanying its article on a subject. Not only will that be a great help to the encyclopedia’s user, but it would make the article more reliable as well.

Realizing the usefulness of such a search engine / encyclopedia and how beneficial it can be to internet users, Mashpedia was created.


Mashpedia is a free to use online encyclopedia that updates and gathers the results of our query in real time. The advantage of this is that we get new / different results each time we execute a search, even if our keywords are the same.

In addition to news and trending topics, the site has a simple search bar located at its homepage.


Entering our keyword in the search bar and starting our search quickly shows us gathered results from a variety of sources including social media sites and video hosting sites, in addition to standard search engine results.


In the above image, I executed a search for ‘electrons’ and came up with the Mashpedia article on it. The pane on the right details the properties of an electron whereas the pane on the left show us YouTube and social media sources for the keyword ‘electrons’; these sources are updated in real time and will be different the next time we search for ‘electrons.’

As we scroll down the page, we find other related sources from numerous other social networking sites and informative websites.


News results regarding our query are also shown.


The absolute end of the page lets us leave a comment on the article.

Mashpedia presents the results of our query by gathering them in real time from many sources. This unique concept of an online encyclopedia will surely benefit many internet users.

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