Mac Vs. PC : (PICS) You Will Love Them For Sure

Mac Vs. PC : (PICS) You Will Love Them For Sure 1

Who never heard of the battle between Macs and PCs? With all the argument, hate and love they both have very power full community who are always ready to start war against each other.

Just to clear you guys, I never assume computer as Mac or PC for my need. I believe it’s just computer that makes my life easier than ever. But of course everything has its pros and cons.

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While browsing the web, I found 2 really interesting pictures that demonstrate the clear difference between Mac and PC which you would really enjoy. The picture below will show you that how Mac is  simple and eye catching as compared to a PC.

Mac Vs. PC : (PICS) You Will Love Them For Sure 2

The picture below clearly illustrates the difference between a Mac and a PC if they were cars.

Mac Vs. PC : (PICS) You Will Love Them For Sure 3

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If you have any interesting pictures, illustrations, comics, cartoons etc. showing the difference and battle between Mac & PC, feel free to share with us. We will love it for sure.