Let’s Make Learning Fun For Young Chidren With Zoodles

Let's Make Learning Fun For Young Chidren With Zoodles 1

Your children are growing up in the age of computers. Many jobs today involve computer usage thus familiarity with computers is a key element in the succeeding at the workplace. You need to help your children understand computers while they are still at an early age. Since the web has content of every kind, it would be unwise to leave children alone with a computer and let them learn for themselves. Also a few accidental file deletions by your children could really mess up the operating system and loss of your important data.

Keeping all these things in mind and recognizing the need of a good computer-learning tool for children, Zoodles was created.


Zoodles is a unique web browser comptabile with both, Windows and Mac running computers. The browser is intended to be used by children between the ages of 2 and 8. The browser serves as a learning tool for children. Web elements have been greatly simplified to ease the learning.

While using Zoodles, you can have the browser run in full screen so that children are not distracted by out-of-the browser files and documents. This will help prevent those accidental deletions. In addition to surfing the web, children can take advantage of the educational content and games available within the Zoodles browser. All this content is age appropriate and varies according to age group i.e. more advanced page element with an elder age group.


Parent who are concerned about adult and inappropriate sites will be happy to know that browsing in Zoodles is only possible on sites pre-approved by the browser. In line of the same goal, the browser blocks many ads, provides advanced parental controls, and parental monitoring.

In conclusion, Zoodles is a must have application for your computer if you want to teach computer usage to your young ones.

Check out the details and different plans of Zoodles HERE.

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