How To Easily Set Custom Icons For Folders In Windows

How To Easily Set Custom Icons For Folders In Windows 1

I have blogged about a number of programs that help users better organize their computer via better folder organization. Usually this is done by batch-renaming a folder or sorting files of certain file formats together in a particular folder. But only recently I discovered a new way of folder organization – color coding.

Imagine having a folder with a large number of subfolders. Some of these folders belong to a certain category. Instead of creating a new folder and putting the similar ones in this new folder, what if you could flag them by a similar color? For instance you could mark red all the folders you want to delete tomorrow.

In Windows such folder icon setting is easy but becomes a tedious process if one wants to do it for many folders. For many folders, Folderico can be used.

Folderico is a freeware application about 4MB large that currently works best with Windows 7 32bit. After installation it places a new submenu entry in our Windows context menu (the menu resulting from right clicking somewhere). The options in this entry let us choose colored icons for whichever folder we right click on.


(image via Lifehacker)

As you can see from the image above, it is very easy to assign a new icon to our folders by right clicking on them. Not only can we choose to assign them simple colored folders, but we can also choose from other Windows icons.

In other versions of Windows, if context menu entries are not successfully added, then the application’s main window can be used to specify a folder and select an icon.


Particularly for Windows 7 users Folderico provides a great to differentiate a folder from its peers. Alternatively the program can be used to group similar folders together by assigning them same icons.

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